Terms and Conditions

Payment & Bookings Information

No booking can be confirmed until Newquay Sealife has received payment in full, and we have informed you that your chosen date is available. Bookings must be paid for in full in advance. We cannot guarantee your place on the adventure should you fail to pay by this time.


By Us:

Whilst we make every effort to avoid cancelling adventures, it may sometimes be unavoidable. We reserve the right to cancel an adventure if viable numbers are not reached or due to adverse weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control. Should we be forced to cancel your adventure you will have the option of changing your adventure to an alternative day, keeping your adventure as a credit for future use or receiving a full refund, including your deposit. Please ensure that phone numbers and emails are correctly stated on the booking form and that you can be contacted on these numbers in case of cancellation.

By You:

If you need to cancel your adventure please contact us, in writing, as soon as possible. We offer a full refund providing you let us know one week in advance of your adventure. Should you cancel within one week of your adventure you will lose your deposit – although your deposit may be used as a credit towards another adventure.

Group Bookings & Special Offers

For any discounts or special offers to apply, you must supply us with full details at the time of booking. To take advantage of any group discount all members of the group must book together, group members booking at a later stage will not receive the discount, Please note that discount should be agreed with the Skipper.

Transport & Arrival

Please meet at Newquay Harbour, 30 minutes before your adventure. The meeting place for all Newquay Sealifes is the “Newquay Harbour Adventure Centre” on the main quay (South Quay) in Newquay Harbour – directions. We do not provide transport to this point. Please note: Parking at Newquay Harbour is often limited, it, therefore, may be advisable to use the town car parks or get dropped off.


Newquay Sealife is insured to the sum of £3,000,000 for public liability. We cannot, however, be held responsible personal belongings. You may wish to take out your own insurance against personal loss, injury or having to cancel your adventure.

Please note:

You will not be allowed aboard if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and the skipper deems you unsafe to board. Your skipper has the right to cancel your trip at any point through unacceptable behaviour – their decision is final and their instructions must be adhered to at all times for your own safety.

COVID-19 Terms & Conditions

when boarding the boat please do so one at a time giving 2 meters space between each person. If you need help getting on the boat make sure the most abled-bodied member of your household (who you do not have to social distance from goes first and then can help you on to the boat. Please note if the person is not in your household you should not help them onto the boat and maintain social distancing at all times this includes the skipper of the boat he will maintain 2 meters social distancing throughout the trip.

please keep 2 meters apart from people that are not from your household at all times during boarding and departing the boat as well as on your trip please stand in front of the markers provided. If at any time it is physically impossible for whatever reason to stand 2 meters apart please face your back to the other person and stand as far apart as you can.

you must sanitize your hands before boarding and departing the boat we ask you please bring sanitizer with you if possible but we will have sanitizer dispensers on the boat if you do forget to bring some. If you touch any surface while on your trip please sanitize your hands straight after.

captain/skipper will remain in the cabin during the trip, he will only come out to secure the boat for passengers to depart or to cast off to head out for our trip he may also come out to set the anchor or haul it back in (he will remain 2 meters social distancing throughout the time out the cabin.

all trips now have a maximum of 5 people in a group allowed on the boat at one time if you arrive and there are more than 5 people you will not be allowed on the boat you will also not receive a refund this is your responsibility to make sure you do not invite more than 5 passengers. (numbers of people we can take may go up through the season as the government guidelines and restrictions change when announced these terms and conditions will be updated as of when they do so make sure you only book on what the terms say at the time of booking.

if you are booking a fishing trip either a mackerel trip or deep sea fishing trip please make sure at least one member of your group has experience in fishing or has fished before with us this is because the captain can only give verbal advice while social distancing from the cabin you will need to be able to take your own fish off the hook and also bait the hook if it is a deep-sea trip. Please bring your own bags to take the fish you caught away with you.

we will only be taking single group bookings if you are all from the same household you can move about on the boat but maintaining 2 meters social distancing from the captain. If you are one group but difference households please maintain the 2 meters social distancing on deck and use the markers provided to maintain the 2 meters apart.

There will be no paying in person the prices are set out for 2 hours and 4 hours trips and you pay for the boat you can bring a maximum of 5 people on board.

for all trips if you have children it is your responsibility for their social distancing please keep them 2 meters apart from any other passengers that are not from your household.

your behaviour should be responsible on board the boat if the captain believes you are not taking social distancing or any other terms and conditions serious and putting people health in danger he has the right to head back to the harbour and drop you off no refund will be given.

please read all the government guidelines signs on board and please take them seriously they have been put on the boat to remind you of the procedures and stick to them for your and the staff safety.

please bring your own masks and gloves as a precaution during the trip if you forget we will have them available onboard the boat that you will be able to use if you require at any point during the trip.

all equipment and the boat will be disinfected before each trip please use the disinfectant spray bottles provided to clean your rod and reel before you put it back in the holder (if your under 16 years of age please ask the skipper or your parents/guardian to clean the equipment for you.

if you have a cough or sneeze please do this away from others either into sleeves or tissue and dispose of the tissue straight away in the bin provided.

in the event of life or death situation, this will override social distancing and the skipper has a responsibility and duty of care for his passengers while wearing PPE (gloves and mask) he will attend to the situation, for example, man overboard/CPR

if you have any symptoms leading up to or on the day of your trip you are to contact paddlefish immediately and are not to proceed with your trip if it is within 3 days of your trip we cannot give a refund but you will get a voucher so you will be able to proceed with your trip on another date.

Newquay Sealife has put in these COVID-19 precautionary measures to minimise the risk to you and crew. We will not be held responsible for anyone who contracts the virus as a result of attending a trip operated by Newquay Sealife. All trips are undertaken at your own risk.